Friday, May 6, 2011

Olmpus sp 600uz, My new Camera.

I always wanted an camera which just did't take a picture but took a masterpiece.

As i am a camera Fanatic, i always enjoyed holding and operating a Camera.

In recent times as i got some money, i wanted to fulfill my dream of owning a camera for my self. I just need not wanted to take a picture but i wanted a tool which can take pictures in a different perspective. What fun there will be taking each and every picture the same way as every one does?! it will be a just another picture thats all. But as i look at one object at a different way, hundred of new angles and ideas shoot across my mind, and to capture those "Stupid" Pictures i need a good camera.

Recently my cousin Shrinidhi Hande had visited a western country, I thought, Oho! what a great opportunity to get myself a camera from ABROAD :) so decided, and explained my intentions to Nidhi(Shrinidhi Hande), who obliged for my request and took his precious time and money which he used to get me a camera, (i still have not paid him!!!).

Nidhi decided to get me a camera at Duty Free shops in the Dubai International Airport, which seemed a reasonalble bargain for buying any goods as it is "DUTY FREE (Fee)"?. As he planned he enquired and gave me a list of cameras to buy from, he had only 2 hours of Transit time so had to hurry, as he texted me through Facebook Messages i was unable to comply as i was Asleep and was totally unaware.

Finally Nidhi bought me Olympus sp 600uz which seemed to match my discriptions of the camera i wanted.

Upon purchase nidhi messaged me, what he had bought for me, when i woke and saw those messages, i got up and plugged in my Photon+ and started browsing for the details of this camera.

As i got my hands on the camera, started exploring its features as a little kid who gets his first toy.

After handling the camera for couple of days, i got an idea about how to operate and take pictures, as i had taken about 600+ pictures within 35 hours!.

As i began to adapt for the camera i started noticing its Pro's & Con's, i have listed the same below.

1. 15x zoom which allowed me to take pictures perfectly became one of the biggest advantages. (Remeber i told you i like to take pics in a different manner, i took many pics of people wondering and not knowing i am Clicking away their pics which i found was amusing).

2. Sense of handling a Professional camera was also an feeling which is good, the camera had a grip of DSLR cameras which is good to hold.

3. Duel Image stabilizers were also good and easy, but had to punch in right features to use it.


1. Absense of view finder is a big disadvantage of this perticular camera.

2. Automatic flash was not an option, as i had to manually take out the flash and then use it, as it was a power saving feature of the camera.

I have mentioned only couple of pro's & Con's,which i noticed, as i have not used this camera till its peaking limit till yet.

But i enjoyed taking photographs in this camera as it is just right to my requirement.

Some of the pictures that i have taken are also available in this post.

Thats it for now, its Weekend Tomorrow!!! need to go.

Take care every one.