Thursday, January 28, 2010

Drum's Classes

Hello Every One.

Some day back i was watching a musical program in the television where some band was playing a Rock music. As i started to enjoy the show, in the middle the drummer of the band started to perform his solo and i was just amazed the way he just moved his hands to create some awesome music.

Then and there i decided i had to learn drums, as many in my family are usually singers, there were no one who could play instruments, i wanted to be the first person in my family to be able to play some instruments like Guitars, Drums, Etc...

I checked out couple of places where they teach how to play Drums but those were not up to my expectations as they had bad instruments or they were too expensive.

But my urge to get my hands on one of these instruments is just not letting me give up on my search to find a better institution.

Some body asked me why drums? why not other instruments? i answered, i like the beat of the drums, as i am a person who find a beats & rythems in every thing, and i think i can master the drums better than any other instruments.

Another reason for me to learn drums is my parents always used to say learn something in the line of music, i did go to an music class to learn classical music before but did not work out for me, so had abandoned in the middle.

But now with strong mind and my will to learn, i am just forging ahead.

So i have been searching for the institutions who teach drums near my locality.

I hope i will find one...

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