Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bangalore Bus Day

First Special Thanks To Shrinidhi Hande For The Pictures.

All the Bangalorians know how hectic it is to travel in their personal vehicles every day to work places managing in Traffic, Heat, pollution one will be happy if he reaches his office on time, evading from the bosses angry eyes.

What if there were strategic plans that can help us manage time, which will help us manage fuel, and save all these by just providing us with better transportation options.

Well to mark a beginning the BMTC has laid the first building stones for this kind of plans.

Yesterday (4th Feb) the BMTC introduced a new plan where it has made some new arrangements for the people, who go to their work place every day and who travel from their home to office. BMTC had made arrangement for these people to travel in buses from their home to office without any trouble of driving there own vehicles.

So BMTC had asked the public to travel in buses for one day leaving there vehicles in there home. The response for this plan was amazing and about 20% of Cars and 30% of Motorcycles were off the roads, and about 10,000 people utilized the Buses provided by the BMTC. BMTC had provided about 150 extra buses for this special occasion.

To start with BMTC asked all its employees to drop there personal vehicles in home and travel in bus for one day. For the companies astonishment all the employees responded very positively. and about 1000 vehicles of BMTC employees were off the roads. And about 1600 vehicles were totally off the roads.

As an Introductory procedure the BMTC had only introduced this plan on routs of Electronic City, ITPL, Whitefield area as many of the software companies are located in these areas.
BMTC usually runs about 200 trips on this routs every day, but for this special occasion it had about 125 trips extra on this route.

Special Thing was that Mr, Ashok who is Transportation Minister of the Government of Karnataka traveled in the BMTC bus from his residence in Padmanabhanagar to Vidhanasoudha which was very welcoming. And he felt very happy on the success of the plan.

So BMTC has made this plan compulsory as it is conducting Bus Day every 4th day of every month.

As it is a very successful plan, every metropolitan across the country should adopt such plans to help save Fuel, Time, and to provide better transportation solution to the people which is beneficiary for the Transportation Company & for the General Public.


  1. good to read. Keep writing... Fuel saved is fuel earned

  2. Thanks Nidhi, Feels Great Every time i get a Positive Response.