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"Mrughavadhe" A Weekend Spot.

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This is My new post after a long time. I was totally busy and had no time to write.

I was thinking to write about a place called as Mrughavadhe for a long time, but never had total information, although it is my Native Place(Fathers), & it is an beautiful place.

Every one who work in their office in Bangalore know how important an weekend can be. Every one wanna get out of the city and go places somewhere quite and peacefull to relax their minds off the daily hectics of the city life.

It is essential for a person to get a peacefull and joyfull weekend as he/she is tired of the office and will be feeling sick about it some time later. To releave these stress one should visit or go to places that he has not seen to experience some change in their routine life.

I would like to give some information about Mrughavadhe an mistical place in this post, i hope it will be helpful.

About Mrughavadhe:

Mrughavadhe is a Place situated near Tirthahalli, Shimaga Dist. It is about 110Kms from Shimoga and 37Kms (Appx) from Tirthahalli.

I had recently been to Mrughavadhe, i had arranged a bike ride for my self to this place.

Although I did not stayed there for a long period it gave all the relaxation i needed from my daily office work.

If you try to search for this place in Google or Internet you will be disappointed as there is no adiquate information about this place, as it is remote and not known by many people.

But believe me it is one of the best places in Malnad Dist and a good weekend getaway place.

Mrughavadhe is about 400kms from Bangalore and can be reached through road only. There are trains available upto Shimoga & one have to take local busses to Tirthahalli and then change another bus which takes them to Mrughavadhe from Tirthahalli. Nearest Airport is in Mangalore and it is about 200Kms from Mrughavadhe.

The People who can arrange their own Vehicle can enjoy this place with little time travelling. Road condition are superb in these villege limits and i am sure there won't be trouble of bad roads in this region.

People who can arrange a car can visit this place and enjoy the beauty of it.

I have also posted couple pictures of Mrughavadhe in this post.

Best time to visit this place is in the winter season as in the rainy season you don't wanna go there as there will be heavy rain and in summer the Sun will be too hot and it is impossible to step out.

But in the winter it is a heaven. And a very good place to visit.

The people who visit Mrughavadhe can also visit the famous Agumbe as it is very near. And Mrughavadhe Hosts Famous Mallikarjuna Temple and other famous temples in its locality.

As there is no hotel's in Mrughavadhe the people visiting have to make arrangements to stay in the night. Or Nearest Hotel is in Tirthahalli Which can be very convient.
People can stay in Tirthahalli and visit Mrughavadhe.

There will be lunch arrangements made in the Mallikarjuna Temple every day to assist the people. If you are visiting Agumbe or Shimoga or Tirthahalli for touring purpose you must visit Mrughavadhe.

If you are going in a groupe with friends or family members this will be a great spot.

There is also Spiritual Reason for this place which i am not compleately known off.
It is a saying that "Lord Rama" A Hindu God had visited this place in his Vanavasa and there is Proof for it as he had killed a deamon in this place.

Locals Can be a Great Guides as they are keen to guide tourists around their villege showing all the famous spots.

These Were only some of the information i was able to provide to you about a place called Mrughavadhe.

Hope it helps...

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