Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Bike Trip

Hello Every one,

As some of you may know how i love to ride bikes, i always wanted to ride my bike for the longest duration. I always had this idea of going to my native place(Fathers) in my own bike, but never got the chance as some times parents opposed or no one came along with me, or never had a bike!. When i heard that i had to go to Tirthahalli Shimoga for some personal work, i thought, can i go in my own bike??? as all the resources to make my trip a success were available.

So i decided to take a 4 days trip in my bike, 10 persons that i consulted about the trip, only couple of them gave me a green light. Rest of them just opposed as they it was too dangerous or too Stupid to go alone for such a long distance.

But i took a chance to fulfill my dream of riding for more than 1000Kms without any disturbance from any one which included my pillion or some other rider who is willing to come along with me.

I decided to leave Bangalore for my journey on 28th Feb and Came back by 3rd Mar

I Prepared for my journey collecting all the necessary equipment and decided to follow my plan as formed before.

Here is My Journey Details.

Day 1 (28th Feb Sunday): Left for Shimoga by 6am in the morning. Stopped for break fast in Kamath Restaurant in Tumkur, Reached Shimoga by 12Pm (early than expected)

Went to My Mothers Sisters home (Sujatha Chikkamma) in Shimoga & rested, my mother called me up to find out that i made it safely or not and i told her i am ready to go still 300Kms,lol.

Day 2 (Smg To Mrughavadhe): I left for mrughavadhe by 9Am and reached my desired destination by 11am. i only stopped in Tirthathalli for to take few pictures of the famous Tirthahalli Bridge and some rain-forests pics that i took along my journey.

. Reached Mrughavadhe and rested for a while and went back to Tirthahalli to get my Father who just arrived from Bangalore.

Day 3: I went to Tirthahalli compleated my designated work and headed towards Sagara the connecting roads in this region were pretty worse and it took me some effort to ride my bike on the road which had no asphalt left in it this was the worst road i encountered on my journey. It was very worrying that i was alone riding in this dirt road and if there was any emergency i cannot contact for help where no mobile reception was available and only few vehicles were in transit on that road. But however reached sagara, had lunch and went to see my Grand Ma & Grand Pa in a near village called Bommatthi and also met with Shrinidhi Hande's Mother. Next stop for me was Shimoga where kerfue was put on. I was warned by every one that i should not go into that city, but took my chances and headed towards Shimoga. Reached Shimoga on time without any incident.

Day 4: Left Shimoga early morning and reached Bangalore without any incident safely. Seeing me in one peace my mother was just re leaved.

I Totally covered around 1050Kms in 4 Days and came back Without any trouble as my main concern was tire trouble but i never had any mechanical or any sort of problems on my journey.

Few Pictures that i took are available in this post, and these pictures were taken from my New Samsung Corby Pro Phone.

This Was my first solo bike ride covering some major distance, and i really enjoyed every single moment of it.


  1. Good to read about your journey.. It made me recall about 2 of my bike trips- Chennai Bangalore and back in Discover and Bangalore-Shimoga one way in TVS Sport...

    Soon you'll be earning enough to buy a car..

    keep writing