Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"My dream home"

Hello Every One.

Some one asked me when does a house become a home?, well as i replied “a house is just a building which is constructed on the desire of the owner. It becomes a home when it is accepted as a family member among the family”.

As every one has their own dreams and thoughts as how should their home be, i too have such thoughts as how should a home be.

First of all the exterior of the house should be good as first impression is the best impression. Exterior paint should be light and catchy but not too bright.

Interior should be very good as it must feel home rather than a house to the owner.

A good furniture to assist when you come from office, interior paint chosen should be a good one. A mixture of white in the paint is necessary as it gives a good texture for the walls.

Every person should have at least two rooms in their home as it is a utmost necessary.

A home should be located near a place where it is convenient and all the facilities should be available to every one. These facilities include schools, hospitals, supermarkets.

These things are the one which makes house a dream home.

this is an entry for marg My Dream Home Contest